Month: January 2017

Figure Skating Dresses: Safety is Important Too

When it comes to get started at figure skating, we might get too excited thinking about which boots to choose or we could be dazzled by the number of designs of the beautiful figure skating dresses available for purchase. But our priority, at the beginning, should be our security. Being very careful with the possible blows, to adopt the correct position in legs and feet as well as to make the braking correctly are the basic points that must take into account for those who begin with the figure skating.

Its practice is not simple and you have to lose the fear of falling, which is one of the aspects that make many people insecure about trying this activity.

Obviously, without risk, there’s no reward. Here are some tips you should keep in mind if you are just starting out in figure skating:

• Do not be discouraged or worried about falling. Everyone around you has fallen and will fall again. It is part of the learning process and worrying about it will slow you down.

figure skating dresses

• Properly sized skates and sharp blades are very important. Your feet should barely touch the front of the tip and the skates should be tight enough so your heels do not rise from the bottom of the boot.

• Longer skates are more stable for beginners. Nordic skates combined with high rigid boots and natural ice are the best combination for skating.

• Wear appropriate socks for skating. Thick socks make your feet feel tighter, which can cause blisters.

• Clean the blades with a dry towel after skating and remove the protectors to give them air and to avoid rusting.

• Do not forget to relax. If you do not, you will fall more often. Start with a walker, that will help you get used to skate. Then stop using it and get used to the ice and find your balance point.