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3 Legitimate Ways to Monetize Your Blog

At every turn, it seems like there are dozens of the latest get rich quick schemes to help you make money at home. While many of them quickly falter, the benefits of blogging never go out of style. Operating a blog is a great way to have a voice online, build an Internet reputation, and generate real revenue that you can live off of. Not all revenue options are legitimate. Three ways which you can monetize your blog are as follows:

Amazon Affiliates

The most popular option for monetizing your blog is through the Amazon affiliate program. It costs nothing to sign up and only requires you to incorporate your affiliate links for products into your website. This can be done if you mention something in a blog post, or as a review of a product. Best of all, if a customer purchases other items while they have clicked that link from your website, you will also earn a portion of the sales from that. The average affiliate rate is 10% to 15% of the purchases and individuals are paid monthly.

Commission Junction

Commission Junction is a hub where individuals who operate blogs can connect with businesses that relate to their blog. For example, if you were to write a dating blog, then you would have the option to and listen a commission based program for popular dating sites such as,, and Whenever a reader on your website clicks through and signs up for a membership with one of these sites, you earn a portion of the profits. Commission Junction has a number of different companies including lingerie companies, bookstores, tech companies and more. Payouts are made weekly.


One of the earliest forms of affiliate marketing came from This is a hub where you can find specific unique products that you want to promote. They might be an e-book, a diet program, or a webinar series. You can sign up to promote any number of products and build independent webpages for each of them. You will earn up to 50% of the revenue, depending on the product, paid out each month.