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Some of the Best Condos in Singapore

Those who currently live in Singapore, or are planning on moving to Singapore, and want a conveniently located residence with all of the amenities that any resident could possibly ask for ought to look no further than the sturdee residence.  These condos have state of the art facilities, including a pool, guard house, sun deck, aqua gym, BBQ areas, indoor gym, and many more.  Basically, anything that you could possibly hope to be provided by your condo community is all here for you and included with what you will pay on a monthly basis.  In fact, there is probably not a more complete residence in all of Singapore, and the fact that the residence is conveniently located within walking distance of Farrer Park MRT just makes it that much better.

sturdee residence

    There is no question that there are a number of excellent condos and other residences all throughout Singapore, but few will come equipped with all of the conveniences of the sturdee residence.  Being able to get from one place to another simply by walking to the MRT is one of the main things that makes this particular residence so great.  In fact, that has been one of the main selling points for these particular condos since the building was erected.

    For the money that you might have to pay in order to live in the lap of luxury, this particular residence is the only way to go.  The fact that your daily commute is made so much easier by being so close to the MRT is something that will just add to an already excellent experience.  If you are planning on moving any time soon and want to upgrade from your old residence, this is definitely an option that you ought to look into.