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Four Types of Research for Proper SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of adding and utilizing elements on your website which allow it to be easily found by search engines and prospective customers. There are a multitude of components that contribute to SEO which is why many companies prefer to hire a Tucson SEO professional to help tackle the job. For those savvy business owners who want to learn the process themselves instead of hiring a Tucson SEO professional, here are the four types of research which should be completed when building your SEO plan.

1.    Market research. The world of marketing changes constantly. Check out leading companies both in and outside of your field and see what they are doing to be successful. Make it a point to match their strategies in terms of SEO.

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2.    Competitor research. Finding out what keywords your competitor is using to generate website traffic is one of your secret weapons. Search various keywords and see what pops up for your area and make a list of those that are working and those that are not. If you have one big competitor in an area, also see what kind of SEO efforts they are using such as content and social media marketing and decide where you can improve.

3.    Niche research. Every product has a niche. In order to move your item, you need to know and understand your niche and what customers are looking for. Compare comments and concerns of those within your niche and refine your own efforts to meet the needs of your audience through your SEO efforts.

4.    Keyword research. Google keywords is the most valuable tool for finding out the ranking and profitability of specific keywords. Use this platform to identify those that will help you generate the most traffic in your area which may also be different from what your competitors are using.